Who's Got the Compass? I Think I'm Lost!

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Who's Got the Compass? I Think I'm Lost!

A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Self

A bold departure from the typical self-improvement book. It is an excellent stand-alone resource or the perfect compliment to the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile.

There are many titles that offer rehashed ideas for self-improvement with themes which have been retold hundreds of times. In an era of change marked by a fervent search for self-understanding, volumes of confusing material has accumulated, making it difficult for the earnest seeker to find reliable advice and direction.

Dr. Sherry Buffington has brought together every aspect of the self search process. She hands you a compass that virtually ensures you will find your ideal path. The reader friendly, step by step process eliminates confusion and guides dedicated seekers directly to their life's purpose. From this place of purpose, individuals create effective plans for personal and professional success.

This book is an essential guide to the most important journey of your lifetime!
Publisher:  BookPartners Inc. (July 1998)
Number of pages:  304
Book Dimensions:  9" x 6"
ISBN:  9781885221681


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